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Considering that Sphero filed a patent for this "MAGNETICALLY COUPLED ACCESSORY FOR A SELF-PROPELLED DEVICE", they are not giving Randall credit, otherwise they would not have filed a patent, or would at least would have included him in the list of inventors.I have personally talked with Randall Monroe about this.In order to make this important change, the image handling code was almost entirely rewritten.As a side effect, image resampling uses less memory and fewer datatype conversions than before.The default mathtext font has been changed from Computer Modern to the Deja Vu family to maintain consistency with regular text.Two new options for the Prior to version 2.0, matplotlib resampled images by first applying the color map and then resizing the result.xkcd began in September 2005, when Munroe decided to scan his doodles and put them on his personal website.

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Although it has a cast of stick figures, Munroe has released two spinoff books from the comic. is based on his blog of the same name that answers unusual science questions from readers in a light-hearted but scientifically grounded way.As a student, Munroe often drew charts, maps, and "stick figure battles" in the margins of his school notebooks, besides solving mathematical problems unrelated to his classes.By the time he graduated from university, Munroe's "piles of notebooks" became too large and he started scanning the images.OK, OK, so that title's a bit provocative, but take a look at xkcd #413, and tell me you don't immediately think "Randall Munroe invented BB-8 before BB-8 was invented! Yes, almost 8 years ago.) Seriously, though: has anyone "official" at Disney credited or even mentioned xkcd and/or Randall Munroe (the writer of the webcomic) in relation to BB-8?What about at Sphero (which is the company which I'll point out also the xkcd schematic closely resembles the ones I've seen on the site about how bb8 works.