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Directed by Joachim Maquet (@alleyesonit), the video was filmed in […] More Marking his return to Jamaican TV, Chronixx shares album details, family’s influence plus perform.

Premiered this past weekend, featured on an hour special on On Stage.

Can we, Black People, compete in the Education Arena (Skills, Talents, & Intelligence) and come out on top as in Sports and Music?

of the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) is to gather, document, and organize the Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) of Black (African) People for the purpose of self-help and collective development.1.

You can get it from clicking here, then choose your outlet and get listening!

Pre-order CD and vinyl from here More Chronixx video for single “Likes” from his forthcoming debut album Chronology.

When a loved one died the Victorians were presented with an opportunity to imortalise their beloved in a way that was previously impossible: they could photograph them.Currently the department Coordinators and Co-coordinators are being placed. If you would like to coordinate a department call now 404-HIP-JAZZ now. In the modern era, religions with prohibitions against intoxicants, such as Islam, Buddhism, Bahai, Latter-day Saints, and others have opposed the use of cannabis by members, or in some cases opposed the liberalization of cannabis laws.Other groups, such as some Protestant and Jewish factions, have supported the use of medical cannabis.