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She is killing the game and I'm trying to get on that level- classy swag. Of course if you are uncle perv in here messing with us, then you could be a fat old man :) Oh I forgot everything you read online is true.

DJ FINE, if that is your real picture, you do have looks going for you.

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The idea was to showcase new pop stars who appear on the company’s online streaming site; the term “husband” is how China’s female fans refer to male pop stars who are so charming they fantasize about marrying them.

Just tell me where your hotel or residence is, and I will make a prompt trip to your place 24/7.

I'm honest, irresistible and more attractive & real beautiful in person inside & out. I have nice curve and stunning busty with silky skin waiting for your touch.

Enter Acrush, a hot new “boy band” that performed at the tour’s last stop in southern Zhejiang province, where the group is based.

They had one big surprise in store for fans: They’re not actually male.