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You'd fight over who got the raspberry and white chocolate one.12. Your social status was determined by how many people's My Space Top 8s you made it into.14. In fact, the only thing you spent more time doing was taking webcam selfies for your MSN profile.19. The moment you got home from school, you logged on.20. Even though no one in the history of the world has ever found a thong comfy.47.

And then you'd head to Jane Norman to buy the cheapest purse possible, with the sole intention of getting their branded carrier for your P. And you hinted at who you fancied by delicately worded answers to bulletin questionnaires.15. You showed off your caring side by wearing multiple charity wristbands.48.

Our Teen Boundaries work with young people in schools shows that sometimes they misunderstand what consent means, how to read the signs and feel pressured into sexual activities that they are uncomfortable with.

It may be difficult to try and find the time to have this conversation and it is important that it is a casual discussion so not to make your teen feel uncomfortable and walk away.

Find out the signs of pregnancy and where to get a pregnancy test.

If your pregnancy test is positive, you may experience a lot of emotions: You should talk through your options and think carefully before you make any decisions about your pregnancy. If you're pregnant and on your own, it's even more important that there are people you can share your feelings with and who can offer you support.

Afterwards, you'd work out how to compose the new Sugababes single on your Nokia 3310.3. But not before you convinced your parents that you weren't talking to potential murderers.27. You were just chatting to some girl called Vicki about what the weather was like in Birmingham.28. But there was always one girl who'd beat everyone at Dance Dance Revolution.30. You'd have given anything to be that one British girl who got Made.43.

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You can also explain that if you agree to one activity this does not mean you have to do anything else or more than once. and One Tree Hill convinced you that life would be better if you went to an American high school.41.Besides, they were the only jewelry that wasn't banned by your school.49. Could you try calling it for me to see if it rings? My magical watch says you aren't wearing any underwear! I'm new in town - could I have the directions to your house please?