Mediaportal epg not updating

Most of this Wiki has to do with the XMLTVProject (for more info see XMLTVProject) The current release (0.5.69) was made on 2017-01-23 and is available at Changes in this release (0.5.69) And lots of other changes (see Change Log for details) There are lots of applications that use XMLTV-formatted files., these include guide viewers and PVRs.There are also some grabbers not included in the XMLTV project distribution. The Xmltv Unrelated Projects are things which don't use the XMLTV format but are somehow connected to TV listings.

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As version 3 requires the lua runtimes a special script is required to start the grabber (unless lua is installed), to generate the script open a terminal and cd to the xmltv directory then run "./" To open .7z files go to: Linux users should use p7zip from source forge Linux users may need to change the permissions of the extracted executable file to allow execution All data downloaded with the Radio Times grabber is copyright of the Radio Times website ( and the use of the data is restricted to personal use only.

- The Amazon Video app is now supported and preinstalled on the device.

- Electronic Program Guide functionality improved for DTV. User can launch an app by double pressing ‘OK’ button when air mouse function is enabled on the smart remote control. The default setting for subtitle is OFF now in DTV mode.

To do this go to "Settings" then select "Information".)Firmware Update: Fix record time display issue (V4.0)(Warning: Only for units with serial number after 4001403000 (include 4001403000 ), eg: 4001403001, 4001403002 etc, otherwise may damage the device) Firmware Update: Fix time disorder issue under subtitle and EPG state (V3.7)(Warning: Only for units with serial number before 4001402000 (include 4001402000 ), eg: 4001401999, 4001401998 etc, otherwise may damage the device)Firmware Update: Improves Subtitle function (V3.6)(Simplified Subtitle function.

Cancelled the Subtitle Language option in Language menu.